How Long is a Hockey Game?

How Long is a Hockey Game: Complete Guide for Beginners

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How long is a hockey game?

Hockey is one of the most beloved sports played in the world. It is a fast-paced and interesting sport. It engages its spectators to sit and watch until the end. It is an outdoor playing game and there are 11 players in the game. Many questions like how long is a hockey game? How many periods are there? How long is an NHL hockey game? are asked.

Do you want to know all these questions as a beginner about hockey games? Then in this article, we will discuss all these. Your hockey experience is always fantastic whether it is a high school hockey game, a college game, or NHL(National Hockey League).

Usually, a hockey game lasts 60 minutes but amateur games may be shorter. It depends upon the type of level you are playing. 

Hockey Game

How Long Is A Hockey Game Last?

Hockey is a fast-paced game. It is played all over the world. But the main question is how long is a hockey game? The length and period of a game depend upon the playing level. It is being played on an international level, school level, higher school level, or other levels. Usually, a hockey game lasts an hour/sixty minutes but amateur games may be shorter.

How many players are there?

There are two teams in a hockey game, each with 11 players. There are almost 2o players. Each team has 6 players on ice at one time. The goaltender is responsible for defending the goal while the skaters make goals for their teams. 6 players are playing on the ice one time from either team with one goalie. The goalie can be pulled as an extra player.

How Long Is An NHL Hockey Game?

NHL hockey game means National Hockey League game. An NHL hockey game lasts for about two to two and a half hours. This game has three 20-minute periods. There are 15 to 20 minutes intermissions between each period. There are commercial breaks, during breaks the game clock stops and there may be stoppage for penalties. This means the actual hockey game period is about 60 minutes. Commercial breaks are provided during which players get time to breathe in air and relax for a short time. If the game is tied the time will go in overtime and et prolonged. 

Hockey Game Warmups

Hockey game warmups are very important for a player’s success. During this time players make themselves ready physically and mentally for the game. They geared up themselves and boosted confidence. They talk to their teammates. They practice skating on the ice and also do dryland practices.

This thing mentally prepares them before the game starts and they know the importance of their role and position in the game. The coordination between their mind and hockey sticks is very important. This game warms make them ready to play their game.

How long is a hockey game?

 How Does A Hockey Game Start?

The games are all over fun from beginning to end. This game is such an engaging and interesting game for its spectators. Before starting the game one player of either team comes ahead. Then the referee drops the puck in between them. As the referee whistles the game starts between these two teams. Starting the hockey game is so interesting. Both team members are eager to get the winning point.

Understanding  Regulation Time In Hockey Games

Hockey is an interesting game but the players as well as spectators need to understand the time regulations during this game.

1. average time:

The average period of a typical NHL is two and a half hours. Some games may be short, it depends upon the level of game played.


There are 3 periods in a hockey game. Periods are regular time durations in which hockey is played. Each period lasts about 20 minutes.

3:Intermissions and breaks:

During the game, there are additional breaks called intermissions or commercial breaks. Each break lasts for about 15 to 17 minutes.

Overtime and Additional Time

Overtime and additional time in the game leads to comeback or dramatic endings. One losing team at the edge may win the game. These regulations are applied when the game is subjected to a tie. Extra 5 minutes are given to play and if the game remains tied then it leads to sudden death of the game according to the overtime rules. During sudden death, the game proceeded unless one team scored more and won the game. It is an overtime game. The third regulation is Hockey playoffs. In this regulation, overtime is extended and teams goal more score if tied. These regulations add more excitement to the game.

Hockey Game

What Is A Penalty and How Long Do They Last?

A penalty is when a player is penalized and commits any infraction to the rules. The players are asked to sit in the penalty box for 2 minutes. The penalty lasts for about two minutes. Players of the teams usually say that we are going on the PK. Till then the opposite players are playing with the first team and make goals.


This article elaborates on the duration of hockey games. Hockey is one the best sports played as outdoor games. Spectators love to join and watch this game. From beginning to end it is all fun. It starts when the referee whistles placing a punk between two teams. Players warm up themselves before starting to play the game. How long is a hockey game is a frequent question. Duration depends upon the level as it is played on different levels. The actual period is 60 minutes but along with three periods, commercial breaks, and intermissions, it is about 2 and a half hours. Breaks are given to players to make them rest for a while and breathe in air. Over time is given if the game is on time. It adds extra suspense and sudden deaths to the game.

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